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Wizard Titan 129 x 39 Kitesurfing Twin Tip Board

Price:   £399.00  £269.00
33% Discount

Improving on the legendary all-around free ride performance of the 2009 Titan Twin Tip Kitesurfing Board was going to be tough...


However after countless prototypes, testing in varied conditions, numerous locations and employing a test team of all rider abilities we have taken the Titan's performance and comfort to new levels whilst maintaining ease of use.


The shorter comparative length results in the 2010 Titan being easier to throw around and improves high wind performance, whilst the increased width ensures that low wind drive and ease of use is not compromised.




Wizard's ergonomically shaped Dual Density EVA Pro Pads provide fantastic shock absorption when riding in chop and on hard landings.


The Footpad plates are securely attached to the board by the foot strap bolts.


You will love the simplicity and ride comfort when the Dual Density EVA Pro Pads are combined with our 2010 Anti Lock Footstraps.




Wizard's 2010 Anti Lock Footstraps provide, comfort, velcro adjustment and hassle free secure mounting which ensures that the straps always stay in position.


When used with Wizard's Dual Density EVA Pro Pads you are able to change the position and angle of both the pads and straps in seconds resulting in more time on the water.




G10 fins are supplied with all of Wizard's 2010 boards. The fins are profiled to minimise hydrodynamic resistance and provide the perfect balance between grip and maneuverability.


The bright colour helps you easily locate your board should you wipeout and need to body drag back to it.




Eva foam coated aluminium handle for maximum comfort and durability.